Weekly Photo Challenge: Resolved

I don’t actually believe in making resolutions at the start of the New Year. Inevitably it is broken sooner or later and who needs to add pressure to themself in that way? In general I do resolve to accept people as they are and work with their personality traits and characteristics rather than battle against them. I am also resolved to continue learning about the craft of photography and to improve myself through my learning. If I fall off the wagon I am also resolved to be gentle to myself. I will not be hard on myself, I will just get back to it and keep going. Kind of like when you see a catwalk model take a huge dive in the middle of their performance and they pop back up just as though nothing has happened. Finally, I am resolved to love the things in life that make us human, not perfect. I will try to focus on and capture these things through my lens.

This photo is of my son W whose resolve was very firmly to go out the back door where he was not allowed to go at the time. He is expressing his dissatisfaction.

W resolve

It’s pretty devastating when you can’t go out the back door.

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