The Christmas List: 14. those less fortunate

Catching up slowly, here is the giving tree at KMart. I couldn’t imagine not being able to give my children anything for Christmas. I know it’s not about the commercialism, but if some kids are getting mountains of presents it would be nice if even the poorest of children got something to call their own. It would help to make them feel special and validate their existence on some level. I wish for these children that their circumstances will change for the better in the coming year.



2 thoughts on “The Christmas List: 14. those less fortunate”

    1. Thanks very much! Happy holidays to you too 🙂 I enjoy looking at your blog very much. Unfortunately this time of year is crazy and I am down to snapping photos with my phone when I get the chance!! I will definitely get them up eventually. Better late than never, right?! 😉

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