Elemental November: Air

Trying to capture the essence of the breeze


6 thoughts on “Elemental November: Air”

  1. To present in a static image the essence of a dynamic (and invisible) subject – the greatest photography challenge of all, it seems. How do you like your results so far?

    1. Haha, yeah I didn’t give it a lot of thought before this week!
      I quite like the most recent photo, I think the sweeping of the clouds suggest the movement through the grass.
      I like the image of the man with the kite, but it doesn’t necessarily feel airy to me which is surprising, I get more of a feeling of solitary thought from that which is a kind of heavy feeling to me (does that make sense?).
      The first photo to be honest does little for me and the kite is, well, a kite. It is air, but looks like a photo of an object…which is what it is.
      What I am discovering is that increasingly I am loving taking photos whether I find it difficult or not. I would love more time to dedicate to it. I dream of having a vision and creating it, but alas, I suspect at least while my kids are young I am limited to catching a moment as it presents itself (if I can find my camera and get the settings right fast enough!) and am destined to be frustrated.
      Air is definitely more a feeling than a thing and it is hard to get it just right.
      Thanks for your comment by the way, I like that it made me think…and then write you small essay! ;/

      1. Personal projects give you focus but can take only the time you can offer – over a span you suddenly realize you’ve become intimate with an idea and the way to portray it.

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