Much of a muchness? a self portrait conundrum

I wore my hair down today. “So?” I hear you say. I haven’t worn my hair down since W was born. So I decided to take a photo and then I decided to play with the flash. I didn’t mind the results, but when I asked R which shot he preferred he couldn’t say. I couldn’t either. So I thought I would post them both. Its a narcissistic, self indulgent venture, but if you have a preference and you can tell me WHY I’d appreciate the feedback. Sometimes I find it hard to pinpoint what it is that I like in a photo. It bugs me.


10 thoughts on “Much of a muchness? a self portrait conundrum”

  1. The first picture is my preference. I like the way you tilted your head more in the first picture and the light from the flash covers most of your face (eyes and eye browns) a bit more which I believe is the main goal here.

    1. Thanks! I think I agree my ‘shape’ is better in the first, but maybe the second background is more balanced?

      1. You are right. That is what I saw too in the second picture about the background. That is the element of the second picture that I like than the first. However, I like overall elements of the first picture with the way you posed in the first picture than the second one. That is why I chose the first picture over the second.

  2. I prefer the second image because it has more balance to it and is less cluttered than the first in the background.
    One of the most intriguing things about the both pictures but most particularly in the second one is the use of flash masking your face contradicting the open door to your room. Normally masking a face is because the self portrait is not about your physical appearance or willingness not to be recognized. Leaving a door open also feels to me that you are wanting to say you are open and welcoming people into your personal space. Very interesting.

    Images to ponder on.

      1. If you are a messy and i don’t mean in a bad way, maybe if you have a chaotic life then it makes sense having a messy background.

        In the end a self portrait describes you the way you want to be seen.

      2. hmmm, well I do have a chaotic life. Perhaps my subconscious was showing more of me than I realized? The wonky, cluttered unthought out background represents the literal minute I had to experiment with the flash and compose a shot. Not exactly as I’d like to see myself,but probably accurate. I might have to research the psychology of composition in photography. I think it would be pretty interesting 🙂 Thanks for your comment!

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