October Photo Challenge: 13. landscape

This is where I was today. We went for an excursion to Meningie at the mouth of the River Murray in South Australia. We decided to go for a drive to Murrang which is a tiny place (so small I couldn’t see the place), but it has a beautifully green camping ground right near the strangest ferry crossing. On the other side was a lighthouse.

We decided to cross and I laughed so hard that the ferry woman had obviously been posted to this ferry due to her terrible people skills. When we arrived she was on the phone and smoking a cigarette. She opened the gate to the ferry without lifting an eye, continuing her conversation and still smoking like a train. As we boarded the ferry we tried to make eye contact with her to give her a friendly wave (as we do anytime we cross on a ferry). She barely made eye contact and gave us a look that indicated that we were an interruption to her day. I was actually most impressed by her multi tasking skills. As we left she was still on the phone and hadn’t broken stride once. Perhaps you had to be there but that was the thing, in this place there was earily no people but us and the ferry lady with no people skills. Little wonder really.

We stopped so that E and R could run through the field of hay bales.

Although it was supposed to be for E’s benefit, I think R secretly did it more for him. He enjoyed it more.


6 thoughts on “October Photo Challenge: 13. landscape”

    1. Thanks Becca 🙂 I use an ancient version of Photoshop. Actually it’s something I might have to invest some time into learning properly. I think I would get better results if I knew what I was doing! 😉

    1. Your welcome! and Thanks for the lovely comment 🙂 Nothing better than a vacation or even a daytrip, even if it is only in your mind 😉 I really appreciate you taking the time to let me know what you think of my photos 🙂

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