Macro Month: Day 30

Here is the final macro shot for September! It is part of the leaf of a fern. You know the ones with the brown dots on the underside of the leaves? Up close they look like little piles of sand!

The final day! To be honest, this time of year is flat out for me. My boys have their third and first birthdays this week and then of course the festive season starts. I actually haven’t had time to think of a challenge for October so I thought I would do a cheat and another that wasn’t daily.

I will cheat by doing one of the given lists that go around. That way I don’t have to think of the prompts myself and it might be interesting to see how I go about it differently from my first month in May. I can’t give you the list yet because I haven’t found one! I’ll post it when I get to the computer.

I will also experiment with making images spooky in honour of Halloween month. Not sure how it will work yet, but I will try to spookify things.

Anyway I have to get some sleep I am having a double birthday party tomorrow!


9 thoughts on “Macro Month: Day 30”

    1. Thanks! I do Marion, I am constantly suprised by what I find. Looking around me just sitting here in my livingroom I am confident I could find a month of macro shots looking at shapes and colours of the things around me. Everything is so interesting! It actually has given me a new level of appreciation of the little or normal things in my everyday life. Glad you enjoyed it πŸ™‚

      1. Me too. All of my macro month shots were taken with the iphone and lens πŸ™‚ It shocked me when I first got it. I figured the price would mean it was rubbish, but as long as you are either very steady with your hand or have a mini tripod it works well. Same issues would be had with a DSLR and macro lens except I guess you can increase your shutter speed.

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