An educated mother

I have decided to do an 8 week course on how to use an SLR camera.

I am hoping that it will give me some further insight into posibilities as far as what I can and can’t achieve with my camera and the specifics of how to do it. My course information says I should bring some examples of my photos. I have no idea of what to include? Perhaps I should start binding a book! haha, I blog way too much. So I have the task of choosing some of my better photos. If anyone has any suggestions of photos I should include and why I would love to hear them. Or in fact information about putting together a portfolio and what to put in them generally would also be helpful. I also have to have an idea of what I want to achieve in this course. Would saying that I want to improve be a bit obvious?

Hmmm, on that note I am going to go to bed where I will hopefully resolve this issue subconsciously while asleep. Good evening.


I appreciate your thoughts and feedback.

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