Portrait of a Pelican

I wanted to share a few of my personal favourite photos. I have mentioned before that I love Pelicans and I had an opportunity to photograph one at close proximity. I love the sense of intimacy I feel in these photos. I realise the first one is a bit abstract, but it is one of my favourites of all the photos I have taken. I would have liked the second image to be fractionally lower to include all of the bill, but it just didn’t work out.


3 thoughts on “Portrait of a Pelican”

  1. Pretty! As a kid a pelican mysteriously flew to our home and landed. we put it in the pool and fed it fish. It liked it. We named it Pelly. Pelly-elly-welly, for short.
    It flew away, after a few months of our happiness. Never new why it just showed up, and stayed. I was grateful. I”m glad you love Pellys, too.

      1. oh yeah, big and funny and exotic. The way they swallow big fish whole, with this amazing thought action. The way anything fits in that mouth pouch.
        They catch fish like dogs, too. When you throw them. Never saw one in the wild to that, though. totally beats ducks!

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