My First Go Photographing: Vintage Cars

I said in an earlier post that I would get around to organising the photos of the vintage cars that were parked at my parent’s house while I was visiting them. A Chrysler Valiant and Mini. I haven’t photographed cars before so this was new. I didn’t really know what to photograph so I tried to focus on things that I thought were interesting about them and a few that focused on the name logos. I did take a few the entire car and I have to say that from my perpective at least I found them less interesting. I suppose that is because I like the shapes, shadows and colour as opposed to any real interest in cars. I did conclude that I liked photographing the mini (the red colour was easier to make look attractive in the available light than the off white colour), but I prefered the Valiant as a whole.


4 thoughts on “My First Go Photographing: Vintage Cars”

  1. you’re kidding! you’ve been doing this all your life really 😉 for a novice you’ve hit the fast forward learning button. Love the soft galmour shot angles

    1. Thanks Laura 🙂 Your comments are great for my confidence! Have you seen my first photo that I did in May? I posted it as part of my Weekly Photo Challenge for Growth. Pretty funny, its hard NOT to have improved over that!

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