Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life

Scenes from my everyday life.

I am lucky as a SAHM (Stay At Home Mum) that I have the flexibility to take my kids on adventures or mini holidays in different places. I get bored just staying at home (I am about as far from a domestic goddess that you could possibly get) so I tend to find excursions to go on and my husband is the same so we often go of ‘adventuring’ on weekends. While we were out working on our echoes bouncing off the cliff on the other side of the river a man who was out for his exercise in a canoe came into view. After I nearly jumped up and down like a little kid with excitement at the possibility of taking his photo I composed myself and the image and took a few shots. The river was flowing so fast I found it hard to keep up. I don’t think he was expecting the paparazzi on the riverbank!

Out for some exercise on the river. I can’t think of a much better way to exercise, although with the strength of the current I bet he was glad he wasn’t trying to go the other way!
E was yelling his echoes at the cliff on the other side of the river. What does a 2 year old yell at a cliff? He was yelling the lyrics to Pearl Jam’s song Fixer! That is his Dad’s doing. As his favourite band, he has somehow managed to get E to be obssessed with Pearl Jam (and Michael Franti as well).
Everyday life for the river birds. Sitting on a stick looks pretty relaxing. According my my husband the funniest part of this image was watching me ‘sneak’ up on them to get the shot. Think of an elephant trying to imitate a sugar plum fairy. Tip toe, trip over, slight swearing underbreath, check camera is OK, remember the birds, look up to make sure they are still there, resume tip toeing like a ninja! I DID get to them without them leaving. This was taken after I made a noise ON PURPOSE to get them to fly. Woohoo!
This is part of MY everyday life. Looking at that face daily makes my heart sing.

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