Macro Month: Day 13

While I appreciate the role that this guy plays in the ecosystem that is my garden, I find it hard to even look at this photo. My hand found it MUCH harder getting close enough to photograph him. HE IS LOOKING AT ME…shudder. Just writing this gave me the willies. The only reason the photo even exists is because I found him floating in the cat’s bowl with an ant and I figured he was relatively immobile. Still managed to wriggle unpredictably and look ridiculously intimidating for a small animal though. I think the look on his face is saying, “get this ant off my A#@! and put me back in the garden!”

2 thoughts on “Macro Month: Day 13”

  1. I love your narrative with this image: had a good giggle and a shudder as I too probably would only have attempted the shot with him ‘immobile’. Great blog and photography btw

    1. Thanks! I just had another look at the image and the ‘shudder response’ seems to be permanent. In fact I just shuddered again thinking about it. I don’t think spiders will be my main subject matter unless I can get a super telephoto lens so I can photograph them from a distance…a looonnnngggggg distance 😉

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