The Ochre Cliff and other Photos

The final lot of photos from my recent photo taking expedition. I love the gentle glow of the ochre cliff in the background. The light was lovely. I don’t have much to say except that I am really enjoying finding and photographing things. I can’t think of anything not worth photographing. That would be an interesting challege actually. Being given something to photograph and trying to come up with an interesting image. I am not sure how it would work though. If no one had any suggestions I might have a month of no photos, haha. Oh dear, that would not do.

The sun lit up the cliffs behind this falling down shelter in the evening. This is another of my favourites.
A closer look at the shelter.
A pelican out for a ‘stroll’ in the evening sun.
Pelicans are actually my favourite bird. You can’t go past a guy who can pack a lunch in his mouth. How efficient is that?!
Dear Universe, I would like a superzoom. Kind regards, Me.
It is a shame you can’t see the bird that well in this photo. I love that he is staring directly at me. By the looks of it, he obviously uses that wall fairly frequently!
Just so you can see the bird (its a Great Cormorant) in case you were interested.
Taken for the colour, I love the tree sock that adorns the local Rainmoth Gallery in Waikerie.

That’s it! I think I am up to date in posting the photos from Waikerie. I hope you enjoyed some of them.









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