Photos from Broken Cliffs

I said that I would post the recent photos I have been taking in lots. Here are a few more from Broken Cliffs outside Waikerie in the Riverland.

The cliffs are full of fossils and when the light hits them in the evening they turn bright yellow.
I got a bit excited when I saw a Mr Miagi style bonsaiesque tree growing. I grew up with the Karate Kid movies.
The path leads along a narrow gap between the cliffs and the river at Broken Cliffs.
The bend of the river through the rocks at Broken Cliffs.





2 thoughts on “Photos from Broken Cliffs”

    1. Thanks for your comment. I’m glad you liked my photos 🙂 It’s one of my favorite places in Waikerie. The sunsets there are amazing. I just went there again recently, will have some new photos as soon as I get a chance to get them up on the blog 🙂

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