Photography: from the car window

My ongoing struggle is balancing photographing the things I see with making sure my kids don’t get unhappy. Often I will be out driving them to an excursion destination and I will see something and the questions arises, ‘Do I stop and take the photo or keep driving?’. You see I tend to drive to coincide with nap times. They need the naps to keep them, and therefore me, sane. I did try once pulling the car over, leaving the motor running and music playing hoping that they would think we were still moving and keep sleeping. I snuck out, took my photo in under a minute and when I hopped back in the car they were both sitting there wide awake in the back.

So, although I know people say its sacriligeous to take a photo on the run out of the window of your car, at times I do. Because of this new way of looking at things I no longer mind being stuck at the traffic lights. I have a good look around and often find beauty that I might otherwise miss.

I thought I would share with you a few of the things I have found from the car window.

This the back of an inner city backpackers. I was on my way to the zoo with the kids when I was forced to stop at the lights to turn right across the traffic. I am glad I did. It looks nearly mediterranean.
I shot this purely for the sunlight making beautiful colour on the house. In the end I loved the silhouette of the car just as much. I quite like that you can see the shadow of the traffic lights too. It gives it context.
Another photo taken for the setting sun. I am often going home from the supermarket as the sun sets and I am always running late. Good for finding beautiful light though.
I actually pulled off the road to take this one. I didn’t get out of the car though. The carpark was empty. I thought it was a bold colour choice for a building.
I saw these cranes from the road and went in search of them. I stumbled upon the road that led to the base. It was near a dock and I was able to manouvre the car to get the right angle.
This shed was near the cranes. Literally opposite. In case you are wondering if I accidentally forgot to straighten the photo? No, I decided the slightly off angle suited the quirkyness of the building. I suppose it is personal choice. I don’t think things always need to be perfectly straight.
This was taken trying to kill a bit of time once I had got close to an excursion destination, but the boys were not awake yet so I had a bit of an explore from the car. I loved this area with the industrial factories and machinery. I could tell the man in the photo was wondering what I was doing. Reverse and forward, reverse and forward, lap..all to get a usable angle. Haha, if nothing else this one makes me smile at the memory of the expression on his face!

I am… probably hanging out the window of a car right now…somewhere.

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