Weekly Photo Challenge: merge

After looking into the photographer that set the theme of merge this week, I understood it to ask to combine two things that might not traditionally go together and see what the resulting photo would be. I thought that was a GREAT challenge! As often happens I had a few ideas, none that were practical for me to achieve with my kids in tow in a week! I had to set aside my desire to find a couple getting married and ask them to go and have a coffee at a cafe in a busy street so I could photograph them and consider what I could actually achieve. I actually couldn’t even leave the house because it was pouring with rain outside and my kids would want to come. I had a look at some different photography styles to consider what I could merge and left my kids in the lounge room to play. I came back to a MESS! In the 15minutes I had done research they had played with EVERY toy and the result looked like a bomb had gone off in my livingroom. I decided to take a photo of the chaos from up high and see if I could turn them into miniatures like in tilt shift photography.

I had NO IDEA how to do that having only first heard of it in the 15minutes I was on the computer. As I always do I found a tutorial on how it was done here and set about turning my mini tornadoes into miniature.

To be honest if I had other options I would not be sharing this as it doesn’t really seem like a good photo or example, but I am a bit worried that with two sick boys, bad weather and a challenging theme I will have nothing done by the end of the week so here it is.

An average household scene in miniature.

I still live in hope that I can find a free minute and do better than that. I always live in hope.

I am…off to clean up the livingroom.

4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: merge”

    1. I think the spirit of the wordpress theme is whatever it means to you 🙂 I just interpreted in that way after reading about the photographer that set the theme. His photos were of course on a whole other level. Dancers and architecture aren’t quite the same as a toy chair in a plant!! haha

I appreciate your thoughts and feedback.

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