I bought my first SLR! Holy crap they cost a lot!!

I have just bought my first SLR and I feel a million things all at once! Panic. What if I am no good at photography and I just spent all that money?! Excitement. The possibilities are endless now. I am no longer hindered by lack of camera ability, just my own failings. That thought makes my heart beat faster in two ways. It’s a challenge and I love that, but what if I’m not up to it? Apprehension. I have heard stories about how complicated the manual settings on an SLR are.

I guess I will just start over. Focus on learning one thing at a time. At worst I will have clear photos of family events. At best I can achieve great photos for the concept I have in my mind.

As I have said before I am really interested in street photography. It looks HARD. I never see anyone, that would make it much harder. But I have a current obsession with jumping. Mainly because old trusty can’t take a photo fast enough, but new shiny, fancy camera certainly better be able to. So I want to combine them. I want to photograph people jumping. Maybe at least sometimes in places they wouldnt naturally jump. As I write this it sounds confused and has the possibility to nose dive. It might. I have an idea in my mind of what I want to see, but no idea how to get it to translate.

So I will set myself an ongoing challenge. I will try to develop a series of photos of jumping. They won’t be everyday, just when I get something that kind of works and hopefully they will evolve and develop. As long as I can look back and see the first one looking much worse than the most recent I will be happy.

Wish me luck! I will need it.


5 thoughts on “I bought my first SLR! Holy crap they cost a lot!!”

  1. SLR’s really are expensive, I couldn’t believe it when I bought mine. The best thing to do when it comes to photography is take time to find your way with it. Ask the opinion of close friends and family because you are your own worst critic. Everyone is! I think some of my work is rubbish but people tell me its great and they’d love to take photos like mine. Just never be too hard on yourself. 🙂

    1. Thanks for your comment! I will definitely try to be fairly gentle on myself while I am learning. Just opening the box and feeling the parts of the camera was overwhelming, you could tell it was a serious piece of machinery not just a snap happy camera. I am looking forward to the challenge 🙂

  2. I don’t do nearly enough with my camera at the minute, but I have been quite unwell. No excuse really. One piece of advice (that I really should follow myself) carry your camera everywhere.

I appreciate your thoughts and feedback.

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