Photography: What do people like to look at?

I love images.

I see shapes, colours and light and the combination makes my brain sing happy tunes.

Good composition makes them all come together like a symphony. I can look at a photo of anything and as long as the combination is right I like it.Case and point: I love this photo of…hay. Yup, I love it. Thanks very much David Webb for thinking to photograph it!

While my favourite subjects will always be my family, I loved yesterday’s adventure to the docks and photographing industrial buildings. I also love taking photos of wildlife, although I confess I find that difficult with my iphone. A zoom would be really useful sometimes, as would a camera with a fast shutter speed. I equally love taking close up photos. I have a real enthusiasm for taking a normal object and trying to make it into an abstract artwork.

I wonder whether I am in the minority though? I suppose most people like to look at photos of people they are emotionally attached to, but I am interested in the other photos.

Do people like to look at photos of people they DON’T know? nature? animals? machinery?

I’d love to hear your thoughts? What do you love to see and why?


I appreciate your thoughts and feedback.

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