July Photo Challenge: Colour Series – Red, 25. ‘texture’

This was the first rug we wrapped our eldest son E in. In hindsight it was a mistake because all the photos of him on that day are focused on the blanket. The bold design competes with him in the photos and they should be solely about him. I did learn my lesson and opted for something more subtle second time around. Lesson learned. Actually I think it is a good photography/composition lesson: do you want the photo to be about the prop you use? I think the photo should have a subject and my personal opinion is that you want the subject (at least in some of your newborn photos) to be about the newborn. A photo that is about the brightly coloured tutu that a baby is wearing has a place, but you will be looking at the tutu and I guess you would need a fairly captivating face to balance it.

Just my thoughts, nothing to back that up…just thinking.

And yes, i do see the fluff on the blanket and am aware it is competing for your attention. I should call this photo ‘Fluff on a blanket’ haha.


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