Photography Skills: Worth reading? Just my opinion.

I don’t often link to other blogs, but when I read something that stands out to me I am the first to share with other people who might be interested. Afterall there is so much out there in blogotopia its nice occasionally for someone to point to the good stuff and stick a blinking red light on it.

You are aware no doubt by now that I am trying to learn to become better at photography. A hobby that started naturally after I had my first son and my happy snaps started to slowly develop into something more. After a while I started to notice the better ones and recently I decided I would like for those to be more than coincidence. I am now developing a healthy (unhealthy??!) obsession with photography and so when I read this blog entry (here) it stood out to me as truth.

It was possibly also a bit of a fantasy for me to be able to stand in one place for more than 2 seconds and contemplate the photo before taking it. That unfortunately never happens with a baby and a 2 year old. But I take that as a challenge!


I appreciate your thoughts and feedback.

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