Composition: Keep it Simple, ‘Off With His Head’

I have been following a photographer friend of mine on her June Photo Challenge. One of her final images was of a bear her husband gave her. You can see it here.

It triggered a memory with me. You see my husband also bought me a bear when he first moved to Adelaide. We went to the Lobethal Markets at Christmas in the Adelaide Hills on our trip to see the small village lit up with fairy lights. I saw this bear and loved its quirky look. He smuggled him home and suprised me with him.

Only our very young son (at the time) thought he was interesting too. And this is how Syd the bear looks now.


This is how he would look if his head were still attached. Too cute for words. I must get out the needle and thread.


I loved his balancing head and unusually long arms. I still do.


These photos were taken to practise composition point number 3: keep it simple and eliminate anything that doesn’t help to tell the story. I feel like I have achieved that. I will move onto composition point number 4.

I am… reminiscing. Good times.

I appreciate your thoughts and feedback.

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