Composition: Point 3 Keep it simple

I decided to combine my black and white quest with my list of composition points to practise. If you remember I was up to number 3 which was to keep it simple and remove anything that doesn’t help tell the story.

I have been talking about how much I love colour and it’s true, but kids toys are one area that occasionally I wish for less colour. Our toy box (this is just one of many) is overflowing with toys and all in bright colours to “stimulate” kids. It is sensory overload! I wonder if the amount of stimulating colour has an impact on behavior? There seem to be a lot of hyper sensitive kids these days, perhaps we should tone it down a bit?

Anyway, I neatly packed up the toys and took a photo. I then removed the colour information…and felt more relaxed, hooray!

This photo is my life and my attempt to have some control over it.

I am…kidding myself, heheh.



I appreciate your thoughts and feedback.

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