Black and White Photography – Looking for contrast in the sky

I am still working on producing photographs in black and white that are worth viewing. I am considering what creates interest in these photos. From reviewing the photos I have taken so far it seems that those with contrast are better suited to black and white than those with lots of mid tones. Seizing the day on the way home at the traffic lights I saw some beautiful clouds with both light and dark and hoped they would be perfect for B&W!
Here they are.


I STILL couldn’t bring myself to make these black and white, they were better in colour.



The black and white photos I love all have striking contrast which seems to be easier said than done.

Oh well, Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will my photographic skills develop in a day…or a month I suspect. I read today somewhere that you should only compare your photos to your earlier photos, but it’s so hard with so many beautiful photos and talented photographers out there!

I am…humbled by the difficulty level of Black & White photography.

I appreciate your thoughts and feedback.

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