What to do with average shots?

I take photos of everything that goes on around me. Its the one good thing about using my camera phone. It’s always handy.
Most of the photos I take are, well, terrible to be honest. Half are blurry, some are ho-hum and a few I like. In amongst that are a few that I think had potential in the theory part and just didn’t translate. Pity. I though I would post a few. I generally play with filters in cases like that. A futile attempt to turn something average into something…else. It never works. A great photo is just that. The saying, ‘you can’t dress mutton up as lamb’ also applies to photos.

W eating guitar


E out walking with his umbrella. Please note it was NOT raining, but he insisted he take it all the same.

E’s collection of little people. I thought it was ‘interesting’ (try ridiculous), that the one little person with darker skin was a prehistoric cave person?!! I realize that there are different races represented in little people, but it seemed slightly skewed. My comment on mainstream race representation did not work anyway. Oh well.



I appreciate your thoughts and feedback.

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