June Challenge, Week 2&3 Double Challenge Finished!

For June I have been buying 2 items from a thrift shop and joining them together to make something else.

Week 1 I made boys linen pants from 2 women’s skirts. Then I hit a slight hurdle in week 2 and didn’t have time to sew! So, I went double or nothing. Week 3 joined together with Week 2.

I had a women’s maxi dress that cost $1, that I joined first with a white and purple striped shirt that also cost $1, then with a black and white striped girls top, cost 75c, and made an extra piece with the left over fabric.



So the total cost for these three is $2.75. Can’t really go wrong with that!

This is the result from the dress and shirt. I made a girl’s skirt for a 2-4yr old. I liked the fabrics together. I sewed up the front, cut off the bottom, added pockets and a waist band. I don’t have a photo of it on because I don’t have a girl!



I liked the girls top from the second week challenge so I decided to just add a bit of interest. I added Ruffles to the sleeves in the maxi dress fabric and to the pocket.



Finally with the left overs (the bottom of the dress was left!) I made a simple knee length skirt for myself. It’s a light fabric so it will be great for summer. Excuse the poor photo, the light in the room was bad, but I couldn’t miss another deadline!!




Next week I will try something a bit out of the square…if I get it done!


4 thoughts on “June Challenge, Week 2&3 Double Challenge Finished!”

  1. Wow those turned out great! I recently went thrifting for the first time in a long time (I didn’t know where to find a thrift store overseas) and forgot how much I like it. Anyways nice blog and thanks for checking out and following mine : )

    1. Thanks! I loved your picture of the cat in the wash tub, great composition. The cat was so neatly contained in the bucket, but the white mark on the ground to the right managed to lead my eye around the picture balancing it perfectly 🙂

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