And another composition practise

E loves the bath. He also loves my attention, but hates being photographed (I think its just a toddler thing). So when I asked him to look at the camera the only way he would do it was with the flannel in his mouth to ruin the photo. At least he is thinking.

Well it DOES tell a story!

I am happy enough to move on to composition point 2. I will have a play when I get some time and see how I go.

During this session I asked E to splash for me. “Am I allowed to do big splashes Mum?” “Just this once E” Look of amazement followed by excitement. This is the result.

There is something very satisfying about capturing water Matrix style, floating around in space.

I think I like this photo mainly because I have captured the water in a way that is so fleeting. I feel like I have outwitted it. I wonder if that is behind the recent fascination with the style of photpgraphy that aims to capture things mid-flight, stream etc?

I am…a conqueror of water, heheh.


I appreciate your thoughts and feedback.

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