Composition is Key

I am going to be upfront. I have NO IDEA about anything in photography! I have discovered I like it and it challenges my brain. When this happens to me I like to get better at whatever has inspired me. How to go about that??

Well, although I could be wrong, I have an inkling that composition goes a large way to making an awesome photo and so far I have been taking photos going purely on what “feels right”. As a result I am sure that many of the photos I am taking are similar in style (albeight immature) and I want to expand my thinking.

In the same way that the May Photo Challenge forced me to take photos of things other than my kids, I have found a website here that has a list of 25 composition tips for photography and I am going to work my way through them. They won’t be one a day this time, just when I get to the next one as I am also doing my June clothing mash-up challenge and that will take much of my “spare” time. (with 2 kids under 3 that is a bit of a joke anyway!) I am… expanding my mind.


If anyone can explain how this fits with the picture, hats off to you...I have no idea!
If anyone can explain how this fits with the picture, hats off to you… I have no idea!


9 thoughts on “Composition is Key”

    1. No problem 🙂 The May Photo Challenge was one of those photo a day prompt things. It was by Fat Mum Slim. There are a few of them around. I decided to do it to get my brain thinking and ended up interested in photography! Who knew?! haha

  1. … my humble opinion… as with everything in life… never over analyse… go with the heart… be present and tell it how you see it.. don’t hesitate… never be afraid to tell the whole story… and just enjoy!!! …life is SO beautiful! g*

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