The First Post

Here I am. I have moved my blog to a new site with a new name to match because I realised my previous blog ‘adventures of a modern stay at home mum’ sounded like I was a cartoon mum from TV wearing an apron and while I DO have a strange obsession with aprons, I never actually get around to wearing them because…well several reasons – I am not that organised, there never seems to be the “right” time to wear them and I would need to be wearing a 50’s style skirt to go with the apron….and that doesn’t work because I would need time to sew one (it’s on my list) and its too cold at the moment (perhaps next summer is the summer of 50’s skirts and apron wearing?)

Anyway I have changed the name to ‘I am.’ because I am. There is no more than that. Some days I am one thing, other days I am something else. I have phases of loving different things, none of which I am particularly good at, probably because I spread myself too thin. I like a little bit of everything and if I concentrated on one thing for too long I would get bored. Unfortunate, but that’s just the way I am.

So here is the place for me to put my collection of things that I love at the moment. Today its sewing, craft, my family and recently photography. That last one I am really not good at, but I enjoy the thinking behind composition so I will play with it until I no longer enjoy it.

You are welcome to explore my headspace if you like.

I appreciate your thoughts and feedback.

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